Posted by: calannad | November 14, 2011

Radio Music Circle Plan Nov.

Date(s): 11/15/2011 and 11/17/2011

Understanding Goals: Reminding kids of why we’re there, reestablishing the FTT connection, and – most importantly – introducing them to all the non-string instruments in a fun, engaging way. They might even hear some of these on From the Top!

Essential Questions: What are all the different kinds of instruments? What do they sound like? What do they look like? What kinds of music can they play?

Outline: Say hello, and remind them all of the super exciting From the Top recording in February. Also refresh their memories about the video we showed them last time and see if they remember some of those other cool instruments they noticed?

Main Activity: Line up all the different kinds of instruments, and explain to the kids that we’re going to play a guessing game – like a “quiz show”. But they all have to pay really close attention to get to play. Play each track on the mix-CD and let each kid take one guess as to which of the instruments is playing. After each kid has made a guess, reveal the answer and talk breifly about that instrument/pass it around (as long as none of our instruments are too fragile? the ones I’m bringing certainly aren’t… :P)

Closing: Which instruments were your favorites? Which ones would you like to hear in person? Which one sounded just like it looked? Which one sounds different than you thought it would?

Materials Needed: Instruments! (: Also, a CD with clips of different instruments playing



  1. fantastic! looking forward to it!!!

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